23 – 25 May 2022 | Rotterdam Ahoy

StocExpo Conference

Day 3 programme.

As hydrogen will such a key role in the industry’s decarbonisation, on day three of the event experts will cover this future fuel in depth – comparing difference hydrogen carriers, the potential of underground storage and possible pathways to develop large scale hydrogen storage.

Catherine Gras

10.00 The importance of large scale storage for the development of the hydrogen economy

Catherine Gras, CEO Storengy UK & Germany

Didier Wesoly

10.25 Underground storage: the safest and cheapest way for storing massive quantities of hydrogen

Didier Wesoly, Business Development Geostock Green Storage

  • Hydrogen storage in salt cavern: mature technology; current status and outlooks
  • Hydrogen storage in porous reservoirs: past experience and recent pilots for the storage of H2 blends; status of the technical developments under way for pure H2 storage (no showstopper identified)
  • Hydrogen storage in lined mined cavern: an innovative storage, less geology dependent; status of the R&D studies and Technology development pathway
  • Hydrogen storage after its transformation into a liquid carrier
  • Perspective of underground storage in the coming year


11.40 Panel discussion: A changing storage landscape: What does the future hold?

Catherine Gras

Catherine Gras, CEO Storengy UK & Germany

Didier Wesoly

Didier Wesoly, Business Development Geostock Green Storage

Mark Waddington

Mark Waddington, Director and Senior Consultant, Channoil Consulting

Berend Paasman

Berend R. Paasman, Senior Vice President, DNB Bank ASA

Earl Crochet

12.00 Changes to API 2350 (Overfill Protection for Storage Tanks in Petroleum Facilities)

Earl Crochet, Owner, Crochet Midstream Consulting

  • Update on the important changes such as: allowing wireless systems, mandatory risk assessments of each tank or mandatory use of the Category System, etc
Forty Under 40

12.30 Next generation lunch for Forty under 40 winners



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14.00 Women in Tanks panel

Women have a critical role to play in the future of the storage sector and the energy transition. Female participation in our sector remains low, and increased inclusivity within the entire supply chain is crucial to the tank storage sector’s growth.

Within this session we will discuss challenges and opportunities for women working in the tank storage sector, how to ascend into leadership roles, education and career paths, overcoming obstacles, and how to increase diversity within organisations.

Women in tanks panel discussion, hosted by Tess Zhou, Management Consultant, Global PMI Partners

Tess Zhou

Tess Zhou, Management Consultant, Global PMI Partners


Sanneke van der Kley, Program Director, Koole Terminals


Sandra De Mey, Commercial Manager, North Sea Port

Kathryn Clay, President, ILTA

Sandra de Bont

Sandra de Bont, Director, VOTOB Academy

Karine Huysman

Karine Huysmans, Transformation Manager, LBC Tank Terminals


Sandra de Mey, Commercial Director, North Sea Port

Kathryn Clay, President, ILTA

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Day 1

Who is speaking on day 1.

As the energy transition rapidly unfolds the storage terminal must keep pace with change. During the event we will hear from 10 different terminal operators on their thoughts, perspectives and outlook on the future of the tank storage market.
Day 1 programme

Day 2

Who is speaking on day 2.

Day two of the event will take a closer look at the journey to Industry 4.0 and the importance of digitilisation at the terminal. Join key speakers from Vopak, Alkion Terminals and Varo Energy.
Day 2 programme