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About us

With its heritage beginning in the 1980s, AEREON, the international division of Cimarron
outside of the Americas, is a global leader in the gas and vapor treatment technologies
& services.
Headquartered in Milan, Italy, AEREON was created when Flare Industries merged with
Jordan Technologies to form one of the largest environmental solution providers in the
world. Nowadays, as part of the Cimarron group, we offer the broadest product line of
air-emission control equipment, including custom and standard flare systems, enclosed
combustion systems, flare gas recovery and vapor recovery units.
Our mission is to provide advanced, cost-effective, and environmentally conscious solutions
to the Oil and Gas Industry.
Our European Service Team maintains, troubleshoots, commissions, and starts up air emission control equipment all over the world.

Our Products
Flare Systems, Enclosed Combustion Systems, Gas and Vapor Recovery Systems, Global Services and Spares

Highlighted product

Mobile Ultra Low NOx and CO Emission Flare systems

AEREON’s line of CEB® ultra-low NOx and CO emission-burner systems are unlike any other in the market. They utilizes proprietary, premixed, surface-combustion technology to burn VOC-laden waste gases in any application, from continuous and batch operations to emergency back-ups of other equipment. Compact and easy to install and maintain, they start up quickly from idle state and are economical to operate.

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