Aquestia USA – OCV
Aquestia USA – OCV

Aquestia USA – OCV

About us.

OCV, an Aquestia brand, is a global leader in the control valve industry. OCV valves can be found in some capacity in nearly every country in the world.

From water supply systems in the United States and Canada, to fire protection systems in Asia and oil refineries in Europe, OCV supplies valves to customers in a broad range of industries across the globe.

In the Fire Protection industry, we specialize in producing high performance, listed and approved control valves. From deluge, pressure control, relief, and automatic level control, to remote-control valves.

And, in a variety of terminal service environments, our valves are commonly found in fueling distribution and transfer applications. Professionals around the world rely on our terminal services control valves for storage solutions including tanks, metering systems, loading terminals, truck/rail car loading and unloading.


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