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At StocExpo 2022 we will be showcasing our industrial tank floor scanner, the Truflux and the new tank inspection solution the Truflux “Mini”. Gaining momentum in the tank inspection sector the new and improved Truflux offers updated intuitive software and hardware with military standard connections, delivering high-levels of robustness within a lightweight package. The new Truflux “Mini” has been developed to inspect where access is restricted, round corners and up to the edge face, producing rapid and exacting inspection data.

We also offer this market our CETA UT wall crawlers, enabling inspection speeds up to 200 mm/s, measuring every 1 mm (accuracy ±0.1 mm). Used with wheel probe tranducers means operation can take place with virtually dry contact and dedicated software systems meet API 653, with full A-scan recordings and re-gate possible.

We are a leading manufacturer of MPI Benches & Accessories, LPI Lines.  Plus UT Wall Crawlers & Thickness Gauges.

Highlighted product

CETA UT Tank Wall Scanner

Automatic Ultrasonic Wall Crawler systems for continuous ultrasonic thickness measurement on storage tank shells (walls) with data presented on a PC screen, recording and automatic evaluation according to API-653. Very fast, with outstanding strength and manoeuvrability, the systems allow a safe operation on up to 25m high tank walls either welded or riveted. Tecnitest NDT is pleased to be able to offer two CETA UT Wall Crawler; the CETA 2 which can pass over heavily riveted plates and the CETA 2016 which can cater for the majority of Ultrasonic Wall Crawler needs.

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