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B&P Engineering Sp. z o.o. [BP Engineering]

About us

B&P Engineering specialises in stainless steel processing.

We are the manufacturer of high quality industrial tanks, vessels and reactors made of stainless steel and its derivatives. Our customers are leaders in the food industry, pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetics industries.

Each design of the storage tank or process tank is developed by the engineering department applying the latest version of the computer calculation software and project design (tools).

Pressureless tanks (eg. storage vessels, buffer tanks) are made of cold-rolled steel surface quality 2B. Stainless steel pressure vessels, on the basis of strength calculations, are manufactured of cold-rolled steel and hot-rolled steel, depending of its thickness.

The grinding of welds, tank ends or entire inner surfaces of the tank is done with CNC grinder or is manually grinded. Depending of the process requirements that designed vessel shall meet, we can obtain the surface quality even better than Ra 0,2 um.

Each tank is equipped with the necessary connections, sensors and additional devices according to the requirements of the technological process or customer demands. Here we can name some: agitators, sight glasses, temperature and level sensors, pressure transducer, conductometer, safety valves and spraying nozzles.

Please see our product portfolio for more details and contact, our experience is here to serve your needs.

Subcontracting services:
• Tank fabrication
• Custom fabrication of stainless steel products and process equipment – OEM production
• Shell and tube heat exchangers
• Stainless steel processing

B&P is one of the few in Europe, which produce high quality equipment and complete production lines for fruit juices and concentrates.

We offer a wide range of apparatuses and vessels for the manufacturing industry, primarily for the food, chemical and pharmaceutic industries. Our production programme is focused on tanks and vessels of various shapes and sizes, in particular pressure vessels and storage tanks made in stainless steel.


• Complete lines for the production of fruit juices and concentrates
• Automated storage facilities for juices and NFC juices
• Falling film evaporators
• Hydraulic presses
• Ultrafiltration systems
• Pasteurisation systems
• Stainless steel tanks (process, storage, aseptic)

Another area of the B&P Engineering operation is the stainless steel fabrication services. For customers running diverse types of business, we produce both single units and complete stainless steel installations. Our products can be made to order, in accordance with the provided specification.

We have a great knowledge about the production of tanks and tubular heat exchangers that are always made out of stainless steel. Tanks manufactured by B&P Engineering, which are used in many industries, can serve as both pressure and non-pressure devices. For example: aseptic, process, storage, mixing and equalisation tanks.
Types of manufactured devices:
· skids,
· tanks,
· vessels,
· reactors
· decanters,
· pressure apparatus
· mixers,
· separators,
· crystallizers,
· filter cages,
· columns, evaporators,
· tubular heat exchanger,
· screw conveyors,
· degassing agents for powders and liquids.

Custom fabrication of stainless steel products and process equipment – OEM production
Stainless Steel custom manufacturing for OEM Manufacturers (non-standard stainless steel products and process equipment)

Features of the B&P Engineering subcontracting services offerred (OEM production) B&P Engineering provides services of machine construction, tanks and advanced equipment based on the received documentation. We provide support in the design phase. We are experts in designing tanks for multiple applications.Our custom-built devices, machines and tanks are used in technological processes by companies from the chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, water and sewage.

Highlighted product

Automated construction of stainless-steel tanks

Launch of the most technologically advanced production line in Europe to conduct automated construction of stainless-steel tanks and evaporation stations. We launched production on the new hall with an area of 5200 m2, equipped with the most technologically advanced production line in Europe designed to conduct automated construction of stainless-steel tanks and falling film evaporators. The infrastructure of the facility enables the production of tanks from 2 to 4 meters in diameter and maximum height up to 27 meters. As a result of the implementation of the automated tank construction line, we will be able to carry out your projects faster. In comparison to the traditional method, the tanks will be built three times faster. If your company needs tanks in a short time, our offer will definitely be attractive.

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