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BS&B is recognised worldwide as a leading supplier of oil and gas related process equipment and overpressure protection devices. The company’s innovation spans over 85 years with product ranges in Rupture Disk Devices, Custom Engineered Products, Industrial Explosion Protection, Specialty Valves, Flame Arresters and Breather Vents.

BS&B products are present in every industry that produces material items used daily by billions of people. From its many global manufacturing locations, BS&B’s diversity of business ranges from directional drilling system suppliers to outer space, and everywhere in between. BS&B leads in design, quality and manufacturing capability, and above all, innovation.

BS&B offers a comprehensive portfolio of products and services that meet and exceed rigorous industry standards for quality and reliability. Our integrated solutions have been timetested and finetuned to deliver maximum value and greater efficiencies to individual engineering processes.

BS&B FlameSaf Limited is a safety company dedicated to protecting industrial plants and personnel from the dangers of explosion and fire propagation.

BS&B is a certified manufacturer of flame arresters, detonation arresters and pressure / vacuum vents both with and without flame arrestor function. Our flame arresters and pressure / vacuum vents (P/V vents) incorporate impressive design and performance features that include compact and light weight construction, with low pressure loss in flowing conditions. The easy to assemble design enables quick installation of replacement parts when required.


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