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CEA Systems provides software and services to digitize, visualize and secure asset data for critical processes in the oil and gas, chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry. Drawn from different data sources and visualized in the customers’ as-built CAD environment, CEA Systems presents an absolute one source of truth. The asset lifecycles of customers are data verified, accessible and visualized to make every technical asset-related decision smart and sensible.

The Dutch based company provides a solution to digitize, visualize and secure asset data. With the software solution customers are always guaranteed the latest status of asset data, being it up to date or signalled to be updated. CEA Systems achieves this by reducing asset data to a unifying characteristic, its unique parent/child relation to another asset position. Every design, audit, inspection, incident or other asset data is deduced to its position in the asset tree (or asset breakdown structure). To enable a shared understanding, this asset information is visualized in process drawings and 3D.

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