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About us

For 25 years, Cost Engineering Consultancy has been committed to ensuring that our clients complete shutdowns, turnarounds, and projects within time and budget.

The integrated cost management approach we apply across our software Cleopatra Enterprise and solutions help people and organizations execute more predictable, efficient, and cost-effective turnarounds, improve project performance and stay ahead of the competition.

Using the state-of-the-art technology, Cleopatra serves the process industry and is used by Owners, Contractors and EPC firms. Through Cleopatra, our dedicated and certified experts have enabled more than 500 companies in 75 countries to improve their turnaround and project performance.

We help organizations by combining deep industry expertise with our advanced tools and solutions:

* Total Cost Management Software – Cleopatra Enterprise
* Total Turnaround Management Solution
* Project Cost Management Services
* Cost Data Development – CESK Data
* Cost Engineering Academy – From Essentials to Certification

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