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DUMAG develops, plans, manufactures and supplies tailor-made burner solutions, modular combustion systems and combination processes for the treatment of exhaust air, waste gas and waste streams originating from a wide range of production applications.

For almost all branches of industry. In Europe, Asia or elsewhere in the world.

In contrast to the current common oxidation technologies applied for the vent gas treatment at tank terminals, DUMAG developed and implemented, in recent years, an unique process solution which offers a substantial reduction in energy consumption during operation. Without compromising safety and emission regulation. Showing, thanks to the advanced process control, an exceptional ability to adapt to the appearing flow rate, pressure and composition fluctuations and securing a complete combustion. Eliminating the risk of smoke occurrence at the stack outlet.

DUMAG’s Constant Speed Burner CSB, utilizing a dynamically adjusting injection device, is one of the core technology applied for this progressive approach of vent gas treatment in tank terminals.

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