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Engineering Software Steyr GmbH (ESS) develops highly specialised fluid simulation software for the automotive, oil & gas, energy & environment and mineral processing industry. The company’s core expertise lies in automatic pre-processing, Paint Shop and CFD simulation.
ESS, located in Austria, has premises in India and Poland, so as distributors worldwide. The aim of ESS is to define the state-of-the-art with all applications of the ALSIM Platform. ALSIM is a powerful toolbox with following products:

Meshless Modular CFD-Toolbox For Everyone

In the past, flow simulation was reserved for financially strong companies due to the needs of meshing and CFD-specialists and costly hardware. The toolbox ALSIM Sense, however, is particularly tailored to remove all barriers to enable small and medium-sized enterprises to meet their needs and increase their competitiveness.

ALSIM Sense consists of multiple methods such as SPH, LBM, DEM and BEM. The methods and its combinations are preconfigured as a so-called “module” and address specific industrial problems. By utilizing the power of GPUs, vast amounts of elements can be simulated faster, while the hardware costs are minimized.

Further products:
– MERGE, the only autonomous data cleaning software world-wide
– PAINT SHOP, explicitly developed since 2003 to help with e-coating, oven, spray, sealing, …

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