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Holland Legacy Pump Group (HLP GROUP) is a Dutch pump and pump solution manufacturer, based in Vianen, near the city of Utrecht The Netherlands. Our speciality and core business is the development and production of “Positive Displacement Pumps and Systems”.

Our technology is based on the Archimedes screw and the Centrifugal pump technology.
We succeeded to combine these 2 principles in the 2 spindle screw pump principle.
Our hlp group high tech solutions are designed to meet the most difficult, high spec and challenging requests for fluid transport and fluid handling.

It is our strength to handle and pump very light (low viscous) fluids and also very thick (high viscous) fluids. Regardless a very low capacity starting from 3 m3/h or a very high capacity up to 6000 m3/h, we can and will provide the suitable solution. Due to the self-priming and pressure building principles “Positive Displacement”, our pumps and systems can reach a delta pressure range from 1 bar up to 60 bar, without any problem. We can also provide engineered solutions for higher pressures up to 120 bar.

Your unique process is for HLP GROUP the starting point for our solution architecture.
A single advice, a product from our basic range or high spec engineered solution.
We make sure that the HLP GROUP solutions are created to suite your needs!

HLP GROUP Strong Benefits:
– Low TCO
– High Quality
– High efficiency
– Low NPSH
– Price efficient
– Short delivery times
– Service
– Innovative

HLP GROUP Manufacturing Facility
A new modern design, manufacturing and test centre was opened in 2012 and is located in the industrial area of Gaasperwaard; in Vianen; The Netherlands featuring…
– 2,100 m² workshop
– 800 m² of offices
– 90 m² paint bay
– 90 m² welding bay
– Overhead cranes with a total lifting capacity of not less than 40 tons·
– Floor loading capacity of 3,000 kg/m².

– Test loop with flow meter to test all types of pump
– Flow rates up to 5,500 m³/hr (24,216 USGPM) and 100 bar (1,450 psi)
– Deep basin; to enable testing of vertical / submersed turbine pumps
– The availability of 450 m³ (118,877 gallon) fresh cooling water with circulation pumps
– 8 bar (116 psi) air supply for air control operations
– Starting air to start gas and diesel engines
– Permanent 650 kW (872 HP) diesel generator sets with switchgear
(50/60 Hz, LV and MV 3kV, 6 kV and 11kV)

HLP GROUP is active in the following industries
– Oil & Gas
– Chemical & Petro Chemical
– Power Generation
– General Industry
– Offshore vessel operators
– Marine & Shipbuilding
– Refinery, tank farm and petrochemical industries
– Offshore
– Public utilities

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