23 – 25 May 2022 | Rotterdam Ahoy

Matrix Applied Technologies

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Matrix Applied Technologies designs, develops and markets precision engineered, premier products and technologies to the energy and industrial markets. The team combines innovative engineering and design with cutting-edge manufacturing processes to bring reliable, innovative and cost-effective products to our customers.

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FlowDome™ Geodesic Dome

The FlowDome™ incorporates decades of tank equipment design experience into its ultimate geodesic dome design. You’ll see that it offers particular protection against potential leak points including dome hubs, main panel seams, & roof penetration points such as gauge poles, walkways or other tank appurtenances. Our use of 3-D & Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software ensures structural integrity & 3D positional accuracy at all times. The FlowDome can also be installed while a tank is in-service and can be engineered for new tanks or retrofitted.

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