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Since 1987, Meteorage has been operating a thunderstorm detection network throughout Western Europe and provides professional lightning risk prevention and mitigation services worldwide.
Based on a detection technology recognized worldwide by the scientific community, our sensors collect and provide in a few seconds, complete and reliable data: active all year long (7 days a week and 24 hours a day), Meteorage network has a detection efficiency of more than 98% and a localization accuracy of 100 meters. Thus, we are able to deliver solutions that meet the expectations of users from the most demanding sectors, such as the storage of hazardous products.

Our service offering ensures complete coverage of storm information needs, both in real and past time:
– When a storm threatens your site, our Lightning Alarm service ensures that you are informed of the danger in a timely manner through various communication channels. This gives you the time you need to implement your own safety procedures: stopping dangerous activities and handling (Fuel unloading and loading, opening of pipelines, loading/unloading of trucks, etc..), but also stopping maintenance operations, repatriation of personnel to the site, possible protection of installations exposed to risk, etc… You are also informed of the end of the storm event, allowing you to resume your activities in complete safety and to limit economic production losses.
– When a storm is in progress, our Visualisation service allows you to observe the storm situation and any associated dangerous phenomena in real time.
– Once the storm has passed, you can receive a detailed and mapped report of the impacts that have affected your site thanks to our Lightning Remote Counter service. This one allows you to see at a glance the most affected areas. You can then more easily target the installations to be checked after a storm, plan the inspections to be carried out on site and send your maintenance teams in the event of a disaster or damage.

With a strong R&D activity and our experience in the field, Météorage is involved in raising awareness about lightning risk.
For this purpose, our experts actively contribute to standardisation work, and participate in conferences worldwide as well as in research projects conducted in collaboration with the largest laboratories.
Every year, our services evolve thanks to our customers’ suggestions and a permanent technological watch. We are committed to innovating our solutions and to making our knowledge of storms and lightning risk available to our users, in order to enable them to manage and mitigate lightning risk effectively.

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Monitor the situation in real time in a geographic area to optimise preventive measures. This service shows lightning activity in real time. The numerous functionalities enable you to create alert areas, send out alert messages and display your business data (lines, parks, etc.) Thanks to the “lightning jump” analysis, it is possible to assess a storm’s severity (high risk of strong winds, heavy rainfall, hailstorms, etc.) and predict its location within one hour.

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