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NDT Global Services Ltd

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NDT Global Services Limited is a specialist Non-Destructive Testing and Inspection company operating nationally and globally, providing innovative engineering and services for a multitude of industries including oil, gas, chemical and offshore. We specialise in providing a broad spectrum of inspection and test equipment for inspection companies, process plant, manufacturing and service industries for a worldwide market. Our company operates in conjunction with a worldwide network of representatives and has supplied equipment to over 50 countries. We have built a reputation for innovation and solution based logistical thinking, inspection and engineering excellence, and the provision of its own experience and trusted inspection engineers for high quality, precision projects.

NDT Global Services specialises in Guided Wave Testing (GWT). Our Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 engineers have extensive experience providing rapid data analysis, operating worldwide in varying environmental climates. Guided Wave Testing using the Wavemaker Pipe Screening System uses ultrasonic guided waves, sent along the length of pipe, to non-destructively test pipes for defects and other irregularities by detecting changes in the cross sections of the pipe. It is a non-invasive inspection technique permitting for the inspection of a vast range of lines whilst they remain operational. Little preparation of the line is required. The test can range up to 50m in either direction from the test location, up to 100m of line can be inspected in one test. Pipe sizes from 3/4” to 84” can be tested using the GWT method. API inspection of in-service metallic piping systems can be incorporated into any NDT Global Services inspection projects. Our team of engineers are Rope Access qualified IRATA level 1-3 to fulfil any project requirement.


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