Omv-Indoil D.O.O.

Omv-Indoil D.O.O.

About us.

OMV-INDOIL, for more than 68 years a regional market leader in industrial valve production (Croatia & South-Eastern Europe), supplies valves, and complete
material in project management.
With our highly experienced professionals, we are a customer-oriented company
with full and prompt technical support.
We have two factories (Croatia & Bosnia and Herzegovina).
As of January 2021, OMV-INDOIL is a member of the AVK Group;
AVK is a global leader in producing valves and hydrants. With that position, AVK is
renowned for its high quality and extensive service.
Our focus is on optimizing the costs of our customers’ final products by using
our valves. We do this through innovative technological solutions and highly cost-effective materials.
OMV HP VALVES are designed to withstand the most critical working conditions in various industrial applications.

Robust, heavy-duty design combined with innovative sealing systems, base material adjusted to the most demanding environment, extended warranty, product longevity, and excellent after-sale service allows you to approach and provide solutions for different applications.

Working conditions in oil&gas, power energy, offshore, hydrogen, and cryogenic application do not leave space for short-term solutions and products.

OMV HP Ball and butterfly valves are the optimal and final solutions to the most demanding working conditions.


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