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Permali Wallace is a manufacturer of Polymeric Composites and Insulations Materials for a wide range of Engineering Applications in existence since 1961. We cater across a number of sectors such as for Large Power Equipment, LNG Tanks, Pipelines & Vessels, Steel Plants, Railways, Defence etc. We currently supply a number of wood and glass fibre based for the LNG industry and have worked on prestigious projects across the world with a large number of Tank & Pipe Support manufacturers and EPC Companies. We can make these to specific technical requirement and design of our customers.

Some of our main materials are as below :-
– Permali Material – Vacuum Impregnated wood based materials for use as Blocks and Segments in Pipe Supports and Tanks machined to customer design
– Permaglass Range of materials – We make a wide range of sheets meeting different technical specifications and requirements catering to different thermal class and mechanical properties. These can also be machines to Blocks, Segments, Washers etc as per the end-customer design.
– Permaglass Tubes & Pipes – Glass-fiibre or Aramid based tubes & pipes using different resins systems and manufactured by Filament Winding or Vacuum Moulding process

We are an Integrated Management System certified company (comprising of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & ISO 45001) with our manufacturing facilities spread across 3 factories in and around Bhopal in Central India. We are supplying our materials to customers in over 30 countries worldwide.

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