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Pneumofore designs and manufactures compressors and vacuum systems for industrial applications worldwide, including pipeline drying, vapor recovery, degassing and gas compressors. Leader in Rotary Vane technology, Pneumofore machines are built-to-last and designed to operate trouble-free for decades, even in harsh environment or extreme conditions. Excellence since 1923.

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Gas Compressors and Vacuum Pumps

Pneumofore gas machines are the solution for gas treatment and processing applications that need high energy savings, low operational cost and constant efficiency over decades. For gas applications, Pneumofore understands a vacuum pump or a gas compressor as the pumping air-end, that is the mechanical device without a lubrication circuit. The company also supplies the vacuum pump or gas compressor either bare-shaft or completed with connection accessories. The Rotary Vane Air End is the heart of Pneumofore technology: a single piece of extraordinary reliability and durability. All Pneumofore vacuum pump and compressors’ Air-Ends are designed to meet the criteria for high production performance, long-term operation, low maintenance and reduced environmental impact. The enduring and proven Rotary Vane design of the Air End offers a wider range of benefits than other technologies: the aluminium vanes, the two bearings and the direct drive are all key elements to meet the criteria for high production performance, long-term operation and low maintenance. Pneumofore has optimized its functionality and improved its performance since 1923.

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