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About us

We design and manufacture innovative jet mixing devices for storage tanks. Our customers are refining and storing crude oil, vegetable oil, biofuels, petrochemicals and other liquid, viscous products.

Our customers face challenges in mixing, blending, agitating, and storing their products in a way that keeps quality high. Cleaning, servicing, and sludge removal is also a headache for any dynamic company with multiple tanks. Being better by design means that common requirements such as the need for additional additives, heating, cooling, or using two tanks instead of one aren’t required.

Here are some good reasons for our customers to use our mixers:
• Faster mixing, warming, agitating and greater homogeneity and product quality
• Maximized efficiency due to an individual design for each tank
• More efficient storage and agitation keeps the product quality higher and extends its storage lifespan
• Unlimited service life, no parts will wear out
• Mixing while loading

• No product losses due to sludge, sediment or quality layering
• Significantly reduced servicing due to no moving or rubbing parts
• No external power supply needed
• Homogeneous product output

• More environmentally friendly due to reduced maintenance and no required external power supply
• Vastly reduced sediment and sludge formation in tanks
• No recycling of sub-quality contents due to a complete homogenisation in the tank.
• Savings on cleaning and waste removal

Highlighted product

EVNAT Jet Mixing Device

The EVNAT Jet Mixing Device is designed for each specific tank and its parameters, using state-of-the-art ANSYS hydrodynamic software. Physical tank dimensions and inner structures (floating roofs, pontoons, heat exchangers, etc.) are taken into account as well as the operational characteristics of pumping equipment (capacity, pressure). The EVNAT® Jet Mixing Device consists of a flow distribution unit, straight sections for flow alignment, nozzles, ejector nozzles and a mixing chamber. This is airless mixing method, using solely the product itself and can put in motion 5,000 m3 of liquid in 3 minutes and mix it all within one hour. Our clients receive high-tech production equipment that brings savings from day one. We offer a perfect solution for mixing liquids and keeping the quality stable and equalised inside the storage tank.

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