About us.

ScoutDI develops drone-based systems for fully digitalized inspections of confined spaces in tank storage, oil & gas, maritime, aquaculture, agriculture, infrastructure, power generation and other industries. We are based in Trondheim, Norway.

Our main product is the Scout 137 Drone System, a game-changing drone-based inspection system that enables non-entry visual inspection of confined spaces in a safer, faster, and more cost-effective way.

Our drone has a 3D Lidar for mapping and navigation in GPS-denied environments such as bulk liquid storage tanks. The drone is tethered to a ground station providing unlimited flight time and a robust network connection. A powerful onboard computer runs localization algorithms in real time, allowing you to location-tag your inspection findings. The pilot gets real-time situational awareness from a 3D-map on the included control tablet: Always knowing what the volume looks like, where the drone is and where it’s heading, and what’s next to and beside it.

The ground station of our system can be connected via the internet to the Scout Portal: A globally accessible browser-based data management service for live-streaming inspection data, review, annotation, reporting and ML-based video analysis.

Main benefits of the Scout 137 Drone System:
✅ no-man-entry inspections in indoor industrial environments
✅ uninterrupted inspection time, moving focus away from frustrating battery shifts
✅ high-quality, location-tagged visual data with consistent framing
✅ live streaming and remote participation
✅ one-stop shop, integrated solution from one provider.

We believe our solution is comprehensive beyond the current norm. It is an end-to-end inspection data chain that extends past the memory card and integrates into your current ecosystem more easily than anything else available. This allows smoother adoption and a shorter ROI path, which will be key to the digitalization of industrial inspections and predictive maintenance.


Inspection of FPSO vessel “SKARV”

Inspection of FPSO vessel “SKARV”

📢 ScoutDI carried out an inspection of a slop tank onboard the FPSO SKARV while it was in operation in the North Sea. Here we faced the challenge of drone operations in environments where there is an explosion risk.


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