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SENSOTOP is an innovative and dynamic company based in France. Our focus is on providing site survey and studies advice operating under the best available technology, highest quality and most reliable equipment and design solutions available on the market. SENSOTOP will concentrate on supplying innovative systems targeted on liquid leaks networks installation of systems in all environmental conditions, industrial plant settings, refineries, petrochemicals plants, pipeline oil depots and tank farms.
Patrick VIEIRA
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RIM SEAL FIRE DETECTION is a fire detection system dedicate for the floating roof tank storage based on a Linear Heat Detector (LHD) Technology with protective chemical and UV resistant outer jacket sheath The LHD sensor consists of a two-core twisted pair, where the cores are tinned copper coated spring steel conductor with a special heat reactive polymer insulation. The insulators between the two conductors plasticizes at the design temperature of 105°c creating short-circuit at the point of detection The LHD operates by reacting to heat (fire)…

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