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About us

At Smartflow we have been solving oil, gas, and petrochemical industry challenges for over 10 years. We built our connected worker platform and further strengthened every year our vision of how it could empower connected workers across operations. Therefore we made sure the platform is flexible enough to support daily operational processes, is open to communicate to other systems, can be maintained by IT and by the business together, and strongly improves over time to anticipate major changes in the way we work, such as accelerating the remote workforce due to Covid-19.

The Smartflow Connected Worker Platform gives you a business solution that allows you to easily digitize your field operations, by creating a flexible configurable process layer on top of your existing IT legacy. With the business staying in control of their processes it helps you with:

The digitization of field processes
Processes related to Operations
Processes related Maintenance
Processes related to Safety & Regulatory Compliance
The evolution towards Connected-Workers & Systems
Synergy between People, Processes and Technology
Maximized workforce enablement
Reduction of TCO
The adoption and integration of new technologies
Multilingual for global rollout
Smart glasses, drones, sensors
Self Driven Highly Custom automation on top of standard tools like fe. ERP systems
Last-Mile Digitized Process Delivery

Meanwhile we are proud of what we have achieved and what is ahead of us. With our connected worker platform we aim to:

Create synergy between people, processes and technology
Maximize workforce enablement
Reduce the total cost of ownership
Emphasize the pivotal role of data
Leverage the connected worker: receive and give feedback info/data
Bring together data perspectives, for example maintenance and operations, for a quick and reliable execution of work processes.

In short our USP versus generic low code / no code platforms and native platforms can be summarized as follows:
Offline by design
Webapp/app one code base
Use of subforms
Predefined checklist / tasks / asset structure (in next roadmap release)
Rolebased Authorisation structure (fine grained control level autorisation)
Low code / No code, but also code
Locking and other concurrency handling features
Javascript as well as native plugins
Themebuilder to tweak the UI of controls. Responsiveness and layout of forms configurable using bootstrap framework and advanced customization using script.
Workflow out of the box (assigning forms to users and/or group of users)
Checklist configuration linked to 3rd party systems (or configurable by the business in Smartflow)
Data management using webportal

Vast portfolio of clients in the OGP business covered by:
Tank Storage companies
Inspection companies
Degassing companies
Lifting and hoisting technology
Rotating services
Bunker fuel products supply
Logistics companies

Among our highly appreciated customers we mention Vopak, Oiltanking, Curoil, JDJ, KONE, MOBA and many more.

Enabling our clients to implement digital-grounded operations helps us expand and build further knowledge and understanding of the full value chain within the OGP business. Moreover, using this experience we provide value back to our clients in different ways like reusable and/or commoditing content.

NxtPort International, MaxGrip, iTanks, Zebra Technologies, and many more.

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