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Techflow Marine are a proven global supplier of fluid transfer systems to the oil, gas and petrochemical industries, offering a range of products to suit your application requirements. With multiple locations and manufacturing facilities across the globe we are able to provide the most cost effective and timely delivery solutions, to all major blue-chip companies.

Our principal markets lie within the Oil & Gas Exploration and Production, Marine Transportation, Ports & Terminals and Renewable Energy industries, with product solutions that include Quay Reel loading and un-loading Systems, Fluid Transfer Systems, Hose Handling Stations, Tandem Mooring Systems, Bow Loading Systems, Marine Coupling Systems and associated equipment and LNG Hose Bunkering Systems. To complement these products, we can deliver complete integrated systems, incorporating advanced power, control and monitored systems.

With an increased demand for flexible and versatile solutions for tanker loading and offloading operations, in complex situations and multi-purpose docksides, where loading arms or hose towers are not an option, the possibilities with our QuayReel System are becoming more apparent. With the versatility of a hose coupled with the ease of a reel the QuayReel system is proving to be a great alternative

The QuayReel® offers unique solutions to applications and operational requirements, where a dockside is used for both fluid tankers and dry bulk, conventional breakbulk or project cargo vessels. It can operate in combination with conveyer type loading systems, cargo- or container cranes which run alongside the quayside or jetty, without obstructing or hindering those operations. The QuayReel® provides safety for the environment and assets with its patented Autowind system, in combination with emergency release couplings and Emergency Shut Down (ESD) system, which signal in case of a breakout incident or safety issue on board of the vessel or at the quayside.

The QuayReel® loading and unloading system is based on our well weathered and proven reeling systems for the offshore oil and gas industry, where Techflow Marine has supplied over 1,500 hose loading reels around the globe.

For over 20 years this type of package has proved to be a safe, reliable and robust method of product transfer, reducing lifetime costs and improve hose life and integrity whilst providing a flexible, efficient loading solution.

It’s important to consider your application requirements and at Techflow Marine we have a proven track record in offering bespoke systems to meet the demands of our clients’ operational needs. Below you will find a snapshot of these variations, which you may recognise as an option that works for you. Please contact us to discuss your individual needs.

Near-Shore Tanker (un-loading) – Due to environmental factors, such as ice and low water, it may be difficult or impossible for tankers to dock in the usual manner. Our Near-Shore Tanker (un-loading) system can accommodate or provide the following:

• Flexible long length hoses ranging from 50-500 metres
• No jetty
• A tanker moored at sea
• A lightweight system which can easily be moved and stored away

Multi-Purpose Cargo Dockside – Where a busy dockside can facilitate multiple loading and unloading, for example dry bulk and fluid transfer operations, a versatile system to avoid obstruction is paramount. Our system can provide bespoke options to suit your operational requirements:

• Flexible hose lengths – tailored to operational requirements
• No obstruction to multiple operations on dockside
• Bespoke design to fit small footprint availability

Small Scale River Terminal – There are many complexities whilst docking on a riverside, from tides which effect the stability of mooring, to small jetty’s which require the use of a small footprint and lightweight systems. The Quayreel offers:

• Lightweight and versatile systems
• Small footprint considerations
• Flexible hose lengths for safe operations and tanker movements

Tanker Loading – Where a fixed unit is required, our bespoke Quayreel system can offer many features for your operations, some of which include:

• Bespoke designs to suit application
• Flexible hoses
• Hose auto-wind facility
• Simultaneous safe product loading

Customer Service and Quality:

Our technically qualified team of Design and Project Engineers have extensive experience and knowledge of the design and supply of fluid transfer systems and associated mechanical, electrical and hydraulic equipment to the industry.

We assure high quality and reliable service to all our customers, in an industry where quality and delivery are paramount. We strive for excellence in the provision of Offshore and Marine Systems.

Skilled after sales personnel, provide extensive support services to ensure our products maintain excellent performance and safe, efficient operations throughout the entire product lifecycle.

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