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VEGASE CONTROLE® is one of the Fire, gas & leak detection market leaders, with an expert team in tank safety, unrivalled in the industry. Especially for the leak detection system focused in tank farms and pipeline. We offer a variety of state of the art leak detection systems.
In the hydrocarbon leak detection field an operator’s recurring challenge is false alarms that are both costly to handle and compromise facilities safety.
NAFTOSENSE sensor technology is fully immune to false alarms because its detection performance is unaffected by external interferences which can – and do – disturb fiber optic, optical, acoustic or heat / pressure leak detectors.

In short, we deliver these benefits – the salient one being peace of mind through reliability
• Zero false alarms
• Intrinsic redundancy, multisensor capability on same line,
• Contaminants resistance for durability, reuse after cleaning leak soiled spot(s)
• Accurate detection with zoning – MTBF
• Tailored sensitivity – 9 levels of threshold alarm.
• Up to 48km sensor line from a single power unit for pipelines
• Unique ability to detect leaks of all liquid hydrocarbons, solvents, lubricants (Base oil incl.), crude oil and all it’s derivatives.
• LPG leak and oil spill detection

Note that we also carry stand alone, ready to install solutions for:

• Oil spill detection on water,
• Automatic crude tank dewatering systems
• floating tank roof drain guard to prevent excessive load on the structure
(Can be combined with a probe to detect oil in the rain water).
• Rim seal fire detection for floating roof
• Safety Roof Monitoring (Inclinometer, leak, temp…)

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