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Traineeship Cost Consultant

Are you a MSc graduate in chemical, mechanical, aerospace, offshore & dredging, civil or marine engineering? Do you want to combine project cost management and engineering whilst working with large international clients in different industries? Then apply for the Traineeship Cost Consultant at Cost Engineering.

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Become a full-grown Cost Engineering Consultant, a specialist in project cost management, in only two years. Work with large international clients in various industries like oil and gas, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and offshore.

Having the responsibility for multi-million-euro projects, you will gain expertise in the complex variables that determine the budget. With your project management skills, you will provide our clients clear and straightforward solutions.

You are a master student who completed your study in mechanical, aerospace, process engineering, offshore & dredging, civil, physics, chemical or structural engineering.

You have a great affinity with mathematics, statistics and engineering software. You will need this while working with our in-house developed software Cleopatra Enterprise.

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