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In unprecedented times it is important to think not just about ourselves, and our own sector, but about the community that we work in, live in and are part of. The theme of this issue is about our communities, on many different levels: global, national, local and sectoral.

We look at FETSA, the tank storage community’s European trade body, and some of its activities and priorities such as the FETSA 2050 Climate Neutrality Vision. We reflect on the importance of the international community with a senior European Commission official and we see the importance of helping employees, customers and citizens.

Ravi Bhatiani
Executive Director
FETSA the Federation of the European Tank Storage Associations

Tank Storage 2050 Climate Neutrality Vision

The EU Member States and most other countries worldwide are committed to programmes designed to reduce emissions mainly arising from the burning / use of fossil fuels and achieve climate neutrality by 2050.

Exclusive interview FETSA with Senior Commission Official Paul Csiszar

Ravi Bhatiani (RB) Executive Director of FETSA, the Federation of European Tank Storage Associations interviews a director in the European Commission, Paul Csiszar, speaking in his personal capacity about the importance of working together in an international community.

FETSA to participate in EU hydrogen partnership

The European Commission wants to create new supply chains for a ‘cleaner’ economy. It wants to collaborate in alliances with private companies, associations, trade unions and national governments to develop new supply chains.

FETSA consulted on strategic storage

Part of the new FETSA strategy was to become a credible and pro-active voice in EU policy making with an aim of policy makers coming to FETSA for our views so we can help develop policies.

Dutch and German storage associations form cooperation

German Independent Tank Storage Association UTV has decided to enlarge its service and product portfolio for its members and intends to introduce a web-based E-Learning Tool for the qualification and training of tank farm operators.

FETSA’s commitment to local communities

The footprint of a tank terminal in a local community can be substantial. Safety and environmental concerns are regular features of discussions with local populations and councils, which FETSA takes very seriously.

My Quarantine Diaries

What I am reading? 
Financial Times every day. Guns, Germs and Steel, which is a comprehensive introduction to anthropology when I have some spare time at the weekend and I look forward to the TankTerminals.com and Tank Storage Magazine weekly briefing for a great roundup of industry news. However, the book I refer to most is Competition Policy by Massimo Motta, a former chief economist at the EU competition authority. It is a great guide to economics in action and as a lawyer I enjoy seeing how other disciplines look at a topic close to my heart.

What music I am listening to? 
Andrea Bocelli because it somehow calms down my little kids. 

What does your home office look like? 
The days before the lockdown in Belgium I transferred everything I could carry from my office to my house. The dining table is the only place I can fit it all so that has become my home office. 

What is your favourite film? 
Jurassic Park, but I do enjoy watching the Harry Potter films with my kids. 

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