8 – 10 March 2022 | Rotterdam Ahoy

AACEI Recommended Practices for Cost Estimating Maintenance Turnarounds


The Recommended Practices (RP) issued by AACE International are widely recognized and have been adopted in estimating and control departments across the process industries. Until recently, the focus of these practices was mainly on capital projects. However, they are now also beginning to cover Maintenance Turnarounds.

As an initial step in covering this important aspect of process plant operation and management, the AACEI has issued the Recommended Practice: Cost Estimate Classification System – As Applied in Maintenance Turnarounds for the Process Industries (112R-20). Senior Cost Engineer and Turnaround Lead at Cleopatra Enterprise Bas Druijf has contributed to this RP.

‘’Cost Engineering was approached by the primary contributor, Gordon Lawrence, to collaborate on this Recommended Practice. As Turnaround Lead, I helped adding, clarifying and reviewing parts of the RP, along with the other co-authors. The result is an RP that is carried by stakeholders from across the industry.’’ – Bas Druijf, Turnaround Lead at Cleopatra Enterprise

How does the Cost Estimate Classification System work for Turnarounds?

The Cost Estimate Classification System as recommended by the AACE International maps the phases and stages of cost estimating together with a generic scope definition maturity and quality matrix, which can be applied across a wide variety of industries and scope content. This specific recommended practice provides guidelines for applying the same principles of the Cost Estimate Classification System specifically to maintenance turnarounds for the process industries (i.e., cost estimates that are used to evaluate, approve, and/or fund projects or turnarounds).

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