23 – 25 May 2022 | Rotterdam Ahoy

Eddyfi Technologies launches the Floormap®X: the most efficient tool for storage tank floor inspection


The patented FloormapX is the only MFL Array tank floor scanner offering such unprecedented efficiency and ability to address almost any tank out there. It offers an unmatched probability of detection – including in the critical zone – and can address thick plates and coatings brilliantly.

Thanks to the unique STARS technology, it provides top/bottom corrosion discrimination and allows inspectors to get a clear view of the floor underneath coatings to visualize corrosion and features such as patch plates and welds. It is the leading solution to perform ultra-fast screening, thanks to the new Freescan™ mode, or comprehensive floor mapping with full data recording in the most efficient manner. The tool finds smaller defects allowing asset owners to take immediate action and extend inspection intervals.

Tank floor inspection ensures the safety and integrity of storage tanks by preventing accidental leaks and avoiding costly decontamination while providing critical data to make lifetime and repair predictions. “With this new product, we focused our research and development teams’ efforts on coming up with a complete solution that would significantly improve the way storage tanks are inspected now. We tackled dead zones and came up with a design and technology that maximizes coverage, including the critical zone within 12 millimeters, or 0.5 inches, of the shell wall. Doing so drastically reduces dead zones and allows inspections to deliver comprehensive and accurate reports to asset owners who in turn can take decisions confidently” says Stuart Kenny, Business Unit General Manager.