Foamtronic: Testing a foam extinguishing system without using foam concentrate


The FoamTronic is an electronic foam mixing system that accurately mixes water and foam concentrate. Due to the accuracy of the foam proportioner, the volume of the foam supply can remain limited. FoamTronic is available in flow rates ranging from 150 liters per minute to 450,000 liters per minute.

The major advantage of the FoamTronic is the ability to test the performance of the foam extinguishing system without mixing foam concentrate and water. This means that no waste is produced and the environment is not unnecessarily burdened. In addition, unnecessary use of foam concentrate is prevented resulting in costs being saved.

There is no pressure loss in the water supply towards the system because a flow meter is installed in the pipe. In many cases, the pipes can therefore be made smaller (in diameter).

Every component of the system has continuous signal monitoring and performs self-diagnostics. The control system has an intuitive graphic user interface that records and shows all data.

The cabinet is designed for the harshest environments, it’s manufactured from stainless steel and powder coated to ensure maximum corrosion protection. The complete assembly is preassembled using high quality components. Options such as cabinet heating and insulation are available.

It is possible to integrate the FoamTronic into new and existing foam extinguishing systems.