14 - 16 March 2023 | Rotterdam Ahoy

Inline Blending: Reducing ‘giveaway’ with the new e-Jetmix technology


Inline Blending has become a major strategy as an answer to the ever-growing competitions between refineries. It is used for many different applications such as the optimization of profitability for crude oils, fuel oils, bunker fuel, ethanol products, etc.

Inline Blending is a controlled method to continuously mix a number of blend components inside a pipeline to get to a defined specification. Inline blending as supposed to Batch blending has many advantages in terms of: reduced process time, flexibility to allow for e.g. last minute changes in shipping schedules, has an improved accuracy performance, and it reduces the storage capacity and capital lock up needed.

A final product blend it’s stability, homogeneity and consistency are key requirements for a successful blending operations. The new patented e-JetmixTM technology was found by KPS providing the perfect solution for such applications. It has nihil pressure drop in the main pipeline, and provides a stable performance independent upon the flowrate. The e-JetmixerTM guarantees a stable blend on the long term and a homogenize flow, which is essential for any online analyzers to optimize the blender real time and minimize give-away. The KPS e-JetmixerTM is an efficient design, consisting of an external pump, mixing nozzle, and a take-off point, as drawn in the sketch above. A part of the main stream is extracted and re-injected into the mainstream using the efficient and patented KPS nozzle mixing device. In the created loop, the online analyzers and CS-01 cell sampler can be located, to allow for accurate and representative measurements.

The picture above displays a typical installation at one of the largest crude oil terminals in Europe. Here crudes are blended inline on important crude oil parameters such as Density, Viscosity, and Pourpoint.