23 – 25 May 2022 | Rotterdam Ahoy

Keeping our finger on the pulse


B&P Engineering followed suit; preventive sanitation procedures were developed and implemented, and they are now adjusted to the recommendation of the Chief Sanitary Inspector in Poland.
B&P Engineering decided to implement procedures designed to eliminate all risks of coronavirus infection to its personnel. Posters with key recommendations from the State Sanitary Inspection for the coronavirus containment were placed at the main entrance to the site, the production buildings and the office areas.

The number of disinfectants available to the personnel was increased. Many locations on site now feature additional hand disinfectant dispensers. There is more; prior to that, domestic and foreign business trips were minimised and some of the personnel is already working from home.

Personnel health protection procedures implemented by B&P Engineering:
– Training in coronavirus outbreak preventive procedures;
– Regular decontamination of all rooms with ozone;
– Advanced HEPA-filter air purifiers deployed in office rooms;
– Regular spray disinfection of production rooms and break rooms;
– Pedestrian guardrails installed at entrances to control approach and force the use of disinfectants prior to entry;
– Hand disinfectants deployed in production buildings and office rooms;
– Enforcement of additional restrictions on the stay of third-party drivers on site;
– Decontamination of all shipments inbound to the warehouse;
– Daily department-wide temperature measurements;
– Revision of the diner schedule;
– Modification of the work shift system: the work shifts are separated with 1 hour;
– Shift work for office and administrative personnel;
– Home work for a part of the personnel;
– Safety training for the site security, with new procedures for admission of visitors;
– Enforcement of security procedures for every visitor;
– Containment response procedure developed for the personnel members diagnosed as potentially infected;