MARTin robotic complex – eco-friendly solution


Mirrico’s innovative robotic oil tanks cleaning complex – MARTin – cleared five oil tanks of the Kazakh oil and gas company “Mangistaumunaigaz” with a total volume of 5,000 cubic meters.
The problem with sludge treatment was originated by the high percentage of mechanical impurities in the absence of endless replenishment of water (for sludge erosion).
The Phase Separation and Water Regeneration system developed by Mirrico, part of the MARTin robotic complex, allowed to accomplish oil tank cleaning works in a short period of time and using only 40 cubic meters of water. Of the total sludge volume (3,000 cubic meters) 2,000 cubic meters were returned to the customer. Hydrocarbons and the volume of oil waste has decreased to 300 tons. The water, that had been part of the bottom sediments used for the work, went through a clean-up process and was returned into circulation.