OIL-EX absorption mat – ideal for absorbing oil and lubricants!


OIL-EX is ideal for absorbing spilled fluids and can be used, for example, for maintenance, repair, and cleaning work on indoor and outdoor machinery.
The top properties at a glance:
– absorption layer made of bonded rubber granulate
– impermeable barrier layer on the underside of the mat prevents contamination of the substrate
– OIL-EX absorbs liquid hydrocarbons such as oils, low viscosity lubricants and fuels
– absorbed liquids remain in the mat, are neither rinsed out nor squeezed out
– the mat is walkable and driving on the mat is possible with restriction
– the grooves on the surface facilitate drainage
– absorption capacity (approx. 10l/m²) is exhausted when the grooves are completely “closed”
– consists of a high proportion of recycled raw material
– product with long service life and easy handling
Dimensions of the OIL-EX: 1.48 m wide and max. 50 m long. Customised sizes are available on request.