Oil-Ex absorption mat re-laid in Hamburg port


Calenberg’s Oil-Ex absorption mats have been used in the diesel locomotive stabling points for many years to prevent damage to the environment. Easy to install, the mats bind any liquids leaking out into their absorption layer, particularly oil and diesel, so that these liquids do not penetrate the ground. Oil-Ex mats can absorb up to ten litres of oil per square metre, thus ensuring maintenance-free protection against damage to the environment.
When the mat reaches its maximum absorption capacity, the grooves in its surface close and the mat needs to be replaced, something which users can easily see. The mats in the Port of Hamburg now need replacement after some eight years of use. More than 1200 m2 of new Oil-Ex mats were laid in spring 2020. Each old mat was removed before installation and then taken away for correct disposal. The new mat was then rolled out immediately,
ready cut to a suitable width by Calenberg. Suitable OIL-EX profiles
connect the joins between the individual mat strips, sealing them