8 – 10 March 2022 | Rotterdam Ahoy

On-demand Webinar | Digital Work Package Management: Achieving Improved Turnaround Efficiency


The key to the successful implementation of a turnaround is having detailed work packages.

This webinar will help you identify the importance of a full work package planning for your shutdowns and turnarounds using advanced technology and tooling. With this, you will achieve standardization, a more consistent breakdown and description of the work, and improved turnaround performance.

Watch the on-demand webinar in which Jos van der Stelt and Felipe Reinel, Cleopatra turnaround management experts, give you a digital work package management roadmap that works.

During the webinar, we cover:
– What work package planning is and why it is important
– The responsibilities of a work package planner
– The common challenges during work package planning
– The power of the integration between scope management, estimating and work package planning
– A brief introduction to Cleopatra: How the advanced software system can help you in work package management and improve turnaround efficiency

You can watch the webinar here: https://www.stocontrol.com/on-demand-webinar-digital-work-package-management-achieving-improved-turnaround-efficiency/