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The Future of Green Hydrogen Production

With green hydrogen expected to become a key factor in decarbonization efforts, Honeywell’s Catalyst-Coated Membrane (CCM) and Polybed™ Pressure Swing Absorption (PSA) technologies are expected to help increase its production efficiency and lower co

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The focus around green hydrogen continues to grow as it’s expected to play a vital role in end users in their journey to reaching carbon neutrality.

Despite being seen as an alternative for other hydrogen production processes that contribute to high carbon emissions, one of the main challenges for green hydrogen’s wide adoption and commercialization is its high production cost.

However, as part of Honeywell’s Green Hydrogen Program, our Polybed™ Pressure Swing Absorption (PSA) and the recently developed Catalyst-Coated Membrane (CCM) technology, is expected to help produce green hydrogen more efficiently and in turn aid in driving down costs.

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