TIMM headquarters moves into new modern facility


Reinbek, Germany, Feb. 17, 2020 – H. Timm Elektronik GmbH, a leading developer and manufacturer for safety and security technology for use in hazardous areas, is moving today in the new company headquarters, just 1 km away from the old location. The new facility was built in record-breaking six months by Montagebau HANSA, a German building contractor specialized in building modern industrial facilities.

Motivated by the ever-growing share of renewable energy sources TIMM established a new “Renewable Energy” division in 2017. In 2018, TIMM started their development project focused on smart access control to wind turbines. Renewable Energy is to be set up as the second source of income for TIMM in the medium term. In order to create space for future growth, especially in the production area, the new building became necessary.

“The new location offers plenty of opportunities for future growth,” says Overbeck, managing director of TIMM. “Theoretically, the size of the new company building is enough to double our size. Until we need the additional space at some point, the upper floor of the office wing will be rented out. And if, at some point, we require even more space than that, there is still the possibility to extend the building to the back.”

The turnkey building was constructed by Montagebau HANSA under energyefficient aspects. In addition, 20 tons of CO2 will be saved annually through energy-saving construction. Charging stations for e-cars and e-bikes are also provided.

Moreover, there is a kink on the property to help saving the ecological species diversity of the region and to protect the life room of local species.