BioElectrochemical Treatment Technology (BETT)

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Aquacycl treats complex industrial wastewaters to support healthy watersheds by improving water discharge quality and guaranteeing permit compliance. We provide energy-neutral industrial pretreatment as a service, and our waste-to-energy system can reduce greenhouse gases of wastewater treatment by 90%, improve corporate water stewardship and improve access to clean water.

The BioElectrochemical Treatment Technology (BETT®) systems use natural bacteria that break down organic matter in the wastewater and release electrons during respiration. The released electrons are captured as direct current and used to offset the power consumption of the system. Higher electrical currents enable faster treatment rates due to enhanced microbial respiration, resulting in treatment rates in hours instead of the days or weeks required by other processes. The generated electrical current also enables remote, real-time monitoring of system performance and offsite troubleshooting capabilities.

Some of the innovative characteristics which show the breakthrough are:
– Modularity and scalability – The systems are sized based on the volume, wastewater composition and removal requirements. This means that the system is easy to scale up or down based on production volume or demands on the system.
– Treatment time – the BETT system can treat in hours what conventional treatment takes days to treat.
– Treat ultra-high strength wastewater – the BETT system is the only system that can treat ultra-high strength wastewater without dilution, removing organic carbon that is 10 times more concentrated than other treatment options can treat, and 1,000 times higher than a typical city sewer.
– Small footprint – for space constrained areas, it can provide treatment with a 90% footprint reduction.
– Generate direct electricity, without methane generation
– Sold as a service with performance guarantees. We only get paid if the system performs as expected.

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