Breather Vents with Integrated Flame Arresters

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The BS&B FlameSaf® breather valves offer a reliable, proven and efficient solution for protecting your people and plant without disrupting the operation. Drawing on our extensive experience in the industry, the 937-E series of weight loaded pressure and vacuum breather valves for vessels and storage tanks offer a dependable, internationally certified and precise solution to regulate pressure, preventing implosion or rupturing while providing protection against atmospheric deflagrations. The valves, which include an integral flame arrester, positioned to minimize plugging, along with a light-weight, compact design, are expertly engineered to respond to even minimal changes in pressure. Fully opening at pressure rises of just 10%, they also allow set points for pressure and vacuum, enabling users to optimize operating conditions close to limits while ensuring reliable operation that safeguards personnel and the environment. Precision engineering means less leakage and lost product. Suitable for flammable liquids, the 937-E is fully certified in accordance with the ATEX Directive 94/9/EC. The 937-E series also features a modular design for ease of maintenance and lower stock requirements for spare parts.