It is standard practice to install fire detection systems on internal floater storage tanks. However, the movement of the internal floater sometimes causes problems with the internal wiring which is difficult to reach.

For fixed roof storage tanks with an internal floater roof Saval has developed ClearView. With this solution all equipment and cabling is installed externally of the storage tank.

With ClearView three infra-red flame detectors can be installed on the fixed roof. The system has a hermetically sealed gas tight transparent glass which permits the detector to see the flame but isolates them from the vapours in the tank. During maintenance the tank can remain in service even when the detector is dismantled because the ClearView glass ensures a constant seal preventing the release of hazardous vapours. The see-through glass ensures the separation between the ATEX zone 0 in the tank and the outside air, so that the tank remains closed at all times.

ClearView is specially designed to be used in combination with Det-Tronics flame detectors.