14 - 16 March 2023 | Rotterdam Ahoy

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Find out what you need first! How this is approached is dependent on your environment, facility and your financial requirements. It can be as simple as a Technical Review of photos, drawings and building plans by our LEC solution specialists in-house and at no cost, which delivers a ‘proposal of recommendations’ to the client for further investigation at a later date and is preliminary; or more efficiently through a Site Evaluation which includes an on-site visit by one or more LEC solution specialists who study a number of key areas first hand. This visit can range from a one day, to a comprehensive multi-day event for large sites with complex electrical systems. Overall cost is based on the scope and complexity of the site and a Report with Scope of Work is generated. In some cases this is all a client might need to move forward, but neither does not include the level of Detail that a Study or Survey would.