Double-stage Pumps for Pipeline Drying


Pneumofore’s rotary vane pump operates single stage for the initial phase, down to about 50mbar(a), then the second stage roots pump is activated to increase the capacity and improve the ultimate vacuum level down to 0,03 mbar(a) until the final dew point is reached. The two pump stages are assembled in a heavy duty frame for easy lifting and handling. The only required connections are the power supply and the single pipe connection.

The pumps fit in a container which can be easily moved. Without excessive time and costs, as involved in methanol swabbing, this has proved to be the most effective method in commissioning pipes that are demonstrably dryer than any other. Air drying problems such as extracting water from side pipe traps are also solved. Water vapor is evacuated continuously with minimal need of power, without cooling water nor cooling towers or chillers.