23 – 25 May 2022 | Rotterdam Ahoy



More than 20 years ago, FireDos developed a proportioner for fire extinguishing systems, setting a global standard: The purely mechanical system is characterized by a constant proportioning rate across a wide extinguishing water flow rate and pressure range, guaranteeing maximum reliability. Beyond this, testing the proportioning rate can be done without producing premix: an environmentally friendly and cost-saving solution.

The FireDos proportioner is driven solely by the extinguishing water flow. No further energy source is required. The purely mechanical construction means FireDos proportioners are reliable and provide a long service life.

The water motor drives a specially developed proportioning pump which injects the foam agent into the extinguishing water. A direct linear correlation exists between the water flow rate and the water motor’s number of revolutions. The proportioning pump is directly connected to the water motor via a coupling.

As extinguishing water flows increase through the water motor, the more foam agent is injected. This way, the volume ratio which is referred to as the ‘proportioning rate’ always stays constant, allowing optimum proportioning as water flow rates change.

Low Pressure loss: Only a small portion of the pressure in the extinguishing water line is consumed as an energy source to drive the water motor and the proportioning pump.