In-line Deflagration / Detonation Flame Arresters

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Flame arresters are used as secondary protection against explosions by preventing the transmission of flame and explosion transfer in machines, equipment and plant, containing inflammable gas or steam-air mixtures of inflammable liquids. These autonomous safety systems limit the effects of the explosions, rendering them harmless, they are intended to allow flow but prevent flame transmission.

BS&B FlameSaf arrester products use the technical principle of a ‘quenching gap’. Precision coiled arrester elements are manufactured to allow normal flow to occur and to present a barrier to flame propagation. The quenching gap selected for the combustion condition of each application is too small for flame to pass and burning is ‘arrested’. Precision coiled arrester elements offer superior safety as compared to mesh type arresters which offer less stability of quenching gap.

The BS&B FlameSaf product line includes arrester technology suited to safe management of deflagration and detonation risks in piping systems and equipment. End-of-line and inline devices are available along with P/V vents that offer integral arresters.