MAGAPAL® – the autonomous pallet magazine


Manual pallet stacking and dispatching is physically strenuous work and has a high rate of accident risk (back pain, wooden splinters, downfall from the pallet pile).
The pallet magazine MAGAPAL® prevents operators from falling off the pallet pile when moving one of them.
Easy and quick use, safe and trouble-free pallet handling.
Increasing of the productivity and the duration of the pallets.
Capacity alternatively from 15, 20, 25 to 30 pallets according to the required version.
Stacking and/or destacking of pallets; a working cycle is fulfilled in 10 seconds, manual or automatic functioning. According to the requested version, 1 up to 5 pallets can be destacked at a time.
Sensors and light barriers reinforce the safety of the MAGAPAL® during the working cycles.