MARTIN – Mobile Robotic Tank Cleaning solution


MARTin – Mobile Robotic Tank Cleaning solution from the “Mirrico” Group – is designed to clean containers and tanks of volume up to 50,000 m3 with subsequent processing and utilization of the extracted settlings.

MARTin system consists of four major blocks of variable specifications aimed to meet customer’s needs and requirements. The fourth block for the disposal (neutralization) of oil waste and water treatment is under development by the “Mirrico” Group.

The standard specification includes:

1. Block for bottom sediments’ extraction and washing of internal surfaces from oil deposits;
2. Block for cleaning and processing (phase separation) of sediments;
3. Unloading block. Block for storage and transportation of additional equipment and bandaging materials.

The equipment is completely self-contained – no additional crane, tractor equipment or steam supply are required to install and start the unit. It’s either diesel fuel or electricity supply that are required for the operation of the unit. All equipment is certified and fire and explosion safe.