The new mapping 61 lb MFE Edge Tank Floor Scanner is a newly redesigned scanner, upgraded from our Mark II 1212 Edgescanner. The MFE Edge is a must have for storage tank owners. It has the same slim build as the Mark IV Tank Scanner, as well as retractable and adjustable handles and handle assembly making it very easy to transport and ship to inspection sites.

With its horizontal wheels and pivoting handle, the MFE Edge fits tight against tank shells, allowing operators greater clearance for more accurate and consistent inspection results. This unit is used as an alternative to scrubbing the critical zone (plate to shell) with ultrasonic testing, saving users both time and money. The new MFE Edge offers the same Real-Time Display as the Mark IV electronics and touch screen Getac F110 tablet.

The MFE Edge is designed to work seamlessly with the Mark IV or as a stand alone scanner.