Non-Atex corrosion under insulation monitoring sensor

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Budget-friendly iSensPro sensors are blind to asset age and can be installed equally on new or existing equipment. Installation is easy in ways you’ve only dreamed about:
– No need to remove nor to replace the insulation
– No invasion of insulation: the sensors are held onto the outside of the cladding with straps
– No cabling installation headaches: sensors send data wirelessly over LORA to the on-premise gateway.

Data gathered continuously provide a wealth of useful information to:
– Improve plant productivity
– Lower costs of inspection labour and scaffolding
– Reduce unplanned downtimes

Data are collected from the entire circumference of the insulated pipe or tank, removing the human uncertainty factor inherent in installing other types of sensors correctly.

Imagine how much more peace of mind you’ll enjoy with fewer insulation costs and other operational risks in your life!
This sensor is be used in a non-ATEX environment or for testing purposes. We also offer an ATEX-certified sensor

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