OIL-EX absorption mat for effective environmental protection


The OIL-EX absorption mat absorbs liquid hydrocarbons such as oils, low-viscosity lubricants, fuels and organic solvents and selectively binds the hydrocarbons from emulsions. The liquids are distributed over the surface of the mat thanks to the absorption layer’s shape and are subsequently bound in the material matrix. Surface water is not bound and drains off. The absorbed liquids remain in the mat and cannot be squeezed or rinsed out.

• Absorption effect regardless of weather and temperature
• Short absorption time
• Full pedestrian access and restricted vehicular access
• Absorbed media cannot be extruded or flushed out
• Can be used on unpaved surfaces
• Easy handling (installation, cutting to size)
• Suitable for mobile use
• Shock absorbing effect
• Noise and thermal insulation
• High proportion of recycled raw material
• Long service life