Spiral Method


A Unique, Safe And Cost-Effective Method Of Building Steel Tanks.
The uniqueness of the spiral method is that the assembly of the tank structure takes place in the reverse order, i.e. first, the roof is mounted at the ground level, then is lifted up like a screw head. Special hydraulic jacks are placed on the wall sheets, which, working synchronously, raise the upper part of the tank and rotate it. The tank wall is thus constructed by pulling up subsequent sheets of metal, which are then welded to the roof part. The whole process reminds a production line on which only four stationary welding stations are set up.
A group of 6-7 employees works in the construction of the tank walls regardless of its volume. Due to the significant reduction in the amount of work performed at height (no need for large cranes) and ergonomic organization of workstations, the method ensures an extremely safe work environment and reduce execution time and labor costs.
An important advantage of this method is low sensitivity to prevailing weather conditions. The spiral method allows you to work in strong wind or rainfall without having to stop working.