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Tank Cleaning Robot – External Tank Cleaning

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The Tank Cleaning Robot from CLIIN Robotics simplifies the demanding and expensive job of cleaning tank walls internally and externally.
External cleaning of tanks will extend the lifetime of coating, reduce evaporation and improve the visual appearance of a tank farm but external cleaning is often ignored or postponed because it is time-consuming and expensive. The CLIIN robot does the job in one day.

The technology behind the solution is the CLIIN Versatile Magnetic Crawler which is deployed across industries to make work less dangerous and time-consuming. By bringing tools such as high-pressure nozzles to high places, the robot saves time, eliminates working at heights, and reduces costs as no scaffolding or man lifts are needed. The time and manpower needed to set up scaffolding and perform the actual cleaning is often too much of a price to pay for tank terminals but with the robot, setup time is about one hour, only 2-3 people are needed, and tank cleaning is done in a matter of 1-2 days.

The robot comes with a remote control which makes it highly user-friendly and anyone can start cleaning with only a brief training session with a CLIIN instructor.

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